Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare translations

Henalex provides language services to Russian Federal Biomedical Agency, FDA, EMA, Takeda, Biocodex, AstraZeneca, NextPharma, GSK, Omega Pharma, IBA and many other clients who benefit from a valuable combination of industry-specific knowledge and specialist expertise in multiple areas of medicine, from analytical and clinical aspects to regulatory requirements. Here is a brief overview of documents that we translate:

  • Articles for medical journals
  • Clinical trial data and summaries
  • GMP Inspections
  • Instrument and equipment manuals
  • Medical brochures
  • Medical records
  • Medical studies and surveys
  • Package inserts
  • Presentations
  • Product labelling
  • Product specifications
  • Quality, GCP, GLP and PIC/S audits
  • Questionnaires for medical trials
  • Regulatory documents
  • Software material
  • Website material

Henalex Conference Services is a trusted provider of translations and interpreters for medical and healthcare sectors. We offer high-quality language services with guaranteed confidentiality and fast turnaround. Please contact us for more information on our medical language services.

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